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Time for you to save a life!

Preserving our environment is of utmost importance, particularly for anglers who are at the forefront of safeguarding our water ecosystems. Each of us can contribute in our own small way, and collectively, these efforts yield significant positive outcomes. YOU can make a difference!

As anglers, our gear includes various components like fishing line, backing, running line, tapered leaders, and tippet, all of which we frequently replace or discard. But what do we do with the old, worn-out line, damaged sections, or tag ends? Typically, we might absentmindedly stuff them into our pockets, only for them to inadvertently fall out later, contributing to litter. However, there's a solution: the Monomaster.

The Monomaster is a compact device that easily attaches to your fishing vest, jacket or lanyard. Simply trim off any waste line, feed it into the Mono Master, and give the thumb knob a twist. Its interior teeth securely grab the line, keeping it contained. Once full, remove the internal line catcher, trim the waste line using scissors or a blade, and reinsert it into the outer housing.

But what next? Do you toss it in the bin at home? No! Enter the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme (ANLRS). Fisheries and tackle shops nationwide provide line recycling bins where you can drop off old fishing line for this free service. The ANLRS transforms discarded fishing line into various products, from rod stands to sunglasses, helping to fund initiatives that benefit our waters.

Did you know that it takes approximately 10 years for every 1lb of fishing line to break down? And as anglers, we collectively consume around 1.25 million kilometers of line each year! By participating in the line recycling scheme and utilising tools like the Monomaster, we can play our part in protecting the environment.

The monomaster is available on our website ~ follow the link below to buy yours now!

NFS Mono Master | NFS-Website (

Visit our website to purchase the Monomaster and join the movement towards sustainable angling practices. Here's to a successful 2024 season, tight lines!

The Northern Fishing School Team

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