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Learn to Fly Fish with Marina Gibson on the Fieldcraft App

Instructing over 400 people annually at the Northern Fishing School, we’ve come to a conclusion: that learning how to fly fish is easy, if you learn it at your own pace. That’s why the founder of the NFS, Marina has created this online course to give anyone the opportunity to learn fly fishing in a pressure-free environment, wherever you are and whenever you feel like it. If you have visited us at the Northern Fishing School this is the perfect follow-on from your day with us. The fly fishing beginners’ course on the Fieldcraft App is designed for your mobile or tablet device so you can access the classes on and offline to give you advice 24/7 and off-the-grid.
If you are a beginner and you intend to pick up a fly rod for the first time or you are a self-taught angler who wants to polish the basics again or someone who has toyed with the idea of switching from carp, coarse or conventional and wants to try a new skill, this beginners' course is for you. In 49 comprehensive classes covering the basics of equipment, knots, safety, etiquette, setting up, entomology, flies, casting, catching and handling fish and more - Marina, NFS founder will teach you how to crawl before you can walk. This is the first of many courses, so stay tuned for more. Head over to the Fieldcraft app and check my course out. But hurry, for a limited time only we have a launch offer of $149.99 (£129.99).Feel free to send us any questions.

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