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Meet Our Fly Fishing Guides and Instructors 

Marina Gibson


Marina's fascination with fishing began at age 5, initially spurred by her family's enthusiasm, especially her mother's. Although she rediscovered this passion later in life, the past decade has seen Marina wholly engrossed in the angling world. Commencing her coaching journey with the Angling Trust in 2014, she attained Level 2 certification in 2017, followed by the completion of her Fly Fishers International CI exam in March 2018. As a freelance writer, she crafts compelling narratives and hosts fishing trips worldwide, providing immersive experiences for fellow enthusiasts. Beyond her angling endeavors, Marina is the operations manager for the Cancer and Pisces Trust (refer to 'Our Courses' for more info), channeling her efforts towards a noble cause. Additionally, she serves as a trustee at River Action UK, a UK-based environmental charity dedicated to combating river pollution, particularly arising from agricultural and food industry practices.

Services: Masterclasses and Courses.

Sam Harrison


Sam started his angling journey on small rivers and streams, eventually leading him to chase specimen carp across the UK and France. However, the elegance and simplicity of fly fishing drew him back, and he transitioned back to this pursuit. Sam says "fly fishing isn't just about fish-catching; it's about the scenic destinations, the people you meet, and the memories you make". Sam joined The Northern Fishing School as Operations Manager in March 2023 and during the season, Sam and Marina expanded into a new facility with a comprehensive retail store. With many more years ahead he looks forward to growing The Northern Fishing School.

Qualifications: Angling Trust Level 2, FDSC Countryside Management, ND Fishery Management. 

Services: Shop Sales and Beginners' Days.

Stuart Ray

Stuart has lived by the philosophy of “Piscator non solum Piscatur” since day 1 of his fishing career. To Stuart fishing has never been and never will be about numbers for him but sheer enjoyment from from time spent on the river with great friends, in places of great beauty, with a fish being the cherry on top! His passion, (those who know him would say obsession), for the last 25 years has been the Atlantic Salmon. The ultimate survivor, with an unrivalled lifecycle, Stuart's respect and admiration for the King of fish grows with every one of his casts! Stuart is enthralled by the art of Spey casting and as enchanting the fish itself, with every encounter being a memory never to be forgotten. As a salmon fishing guide and Master Spey Casting instructor, he sees that an enormous part of his teaching role is about relating to educating anglers old and new, to the current plight of our fish, and ensure they join the fight to save our wild salmon.

Qualifications: AAPGAI Master Instructor double-handed casting.

Services: Beginners Courses, Guiding and Master Instructor, double-handed Spey casting .

Benoit Albertini


Beni was born and raised in the Swiss Alps. From a young age he has always been fascinated by nature and outdoor activities. Beni has been a professional ski instructor and certificated sport trainer for ten years. He found a love for fishing in 2009 and this year he completed a fly-fishing guide course in Montana with Sweetwater Guide School to help achieve his goal of becoming a fly fishing guide. In addition, he loves to inspire young children to get involved in the outdoors and guide them in beautiful environments.

Qualifications: Angling Trust Level 2.

Services: Beginners Courses and Guiding.

Neil Truelove


In 1967, Neil's journey into fly fishing commenced at his school on the North Coast of Scotland. Starting with the school lakes, he quickly progressed to the Findhorn, Spey, and local lochs under the guidance of his angler housemaster. Neil achieved a significant milestone in the early '70s, landing his first salmon at Tulchan on the River Spey. Upon returning to Yorkshire, Neil continued his fishing pursuits at Newton on the River Lune, alongside fishing companions Reg Ryghyni and Arthur Oglesby. Despite the unfortunate setback of UDN wiping out salmon in the Lune in 1968, Neil persists in fishing this river to this day. Neil's angling adventures extend globally. He has pursued salmon in Iceland, Norway, Russia, and Canada, and explored sea trout fishing in Tierra del Fuego. He remains an active angler, fishing the Tweed, Spey, and Dee to the present day.

Qualifications:  AAPGAI training started in 2006 - passing both my Advanced Trout and Salmon qualifications. 

Services: Beginners Courses and Guiding.

Charlie Brownlow


Charlie Brownlow has been fishing in the UK for the last 35 years, catching his first salmon on the fly when he was 9 and has never looked back. He has been fortunate enough to fish many Scottish Salmon rivers with the Northern and Hebridean spate rivers being his fishing classroom as a boy and teenager. Charlie holds a level 2 angling trust coaches licence.  For the last 12 years he has been providing guests to Scotland with unique sporting adventures through Charles Brownlow Ltd.

Qualifications: Angling Trust Level 2.

Services: Beginners Courses and Guiding.

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