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The Hero salmon outfit is a surprisingly fast-actioned series, more than capable of meeting the many demands we face in a typical salmon fishing season. These outfits can deliver high-speed tight loops, necessary to pierce through a strong wind or reach across the lower sections of  big rivers. They offer more than enough backbone to deal with big fish and lifting/controlling heavy sink tips.

We have matched the Hero DH Fly Rod with our new Hero Salmon Fly Reel to give a brilliantly balanced outfit, and the line is our Hybrid Fly Line with an interchangeable floating Hybrid Tip and a 15-foot tapered leader.

The Hybrid line has been carefully chosen, making spey casting effortless. There is 150 metres of 30lb backing on the reel so the outfit covers most salmon fishing situations and, if conditions require, you can easily change the tip to a faster sinking one (sold separately). The set is packed into an easy-to-use protective Cordura tube with a reel pouch.

This exceptional setup is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their casting game up a notch. It offers unbeatable value at a £599 RRP, and even experienced anglers will find it difficult to match its performance!

Available in 13'7" #8 and 14'7" #9 versions.




  • More than capable of meeting the demands of a typical salmon fishing season
  • Sublime fast action blank delivering high speed loops
  • Highly user-friendly, with an easy flex and feel
  • Non-sanded, painted blanks
  • Modern die cast Hero salmon reel
  • Hybrid 31g line with a 12ft floating tip on the VHEK4138
  • Hybrid 35g line with a 15ft floating tip on the VHEK4149
  • 30lb backing and a tapered 15’ leader
  • All pre-spooled and ready for action
  • Comes in a cordura tube with a reel pouch

Vision Hero Salmon Outfit

VAT Included