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Tungsten slotted beads are perfect for flies and jigs. Tungsten gets flies down twice as fast as cheaper brass beads as they are typically double the weight of a similar sized brass bead. With an enlarged slot recess which allows you to easily get the hooks around the gape of the hook. Designed for 0.411gm the Tungsten Slotted Beads 3.8mm (5/32 Inch) Copper are perfect weights your flies to drop quickly to where the fish are. Each Tungsten bead weighs approximately 0.41g




  • Manufacturer Part No: BTBD038CPR
  • Width In 0.15 inch
  • Width In 3.8mm
  • Bead Weight 0.411gm
  • Suggested Hook Size 12-16


Each pack contains 10 Tungsten Slotted Beads 3.8mm (5/32 Inch) Copper

Tungsten Slotted Beads 3.8mm (5/32 inch) Copper

VAT Included
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