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All NextCast SinkTIPS are designed in 2D, meaning they have two graduated sinking rates to allow for precise depth selection while fishing. All tips are specifically tailored to the various NextCast lines but can, of course, be used with other shooting heads as well. The tips have a tapered design, ensuring smooth presentations and excellent turn-over. Sinking tips are coated with a PU coating, making them even more durable and long-lasting. The tips are available in three different lengths and seven different sink rates, ensuring the right fit for every Nextcast shooting head and fishing situation.

  • Matched sink tips in 2D design
  • 2D: Dual-Density, two graduated sink rates in one tip
  • Perfect fit for Nextcast's 2D shooting heads
  • Tapered design for perfect turn-over
  • All 15 ft. tips weigh 8.75 g (135 grains)

NextCast Multidensity Tip

VAT Included
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