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The High N Dry Powdereded Floatant & Desiccant is a powder that greatly increases the buoyancy of your flies or strike indicators and is combined with a desiccant, which dries a water-logged or fish-slimed fly. The foremost usage of powder floatants is revitalizing the materials- and floatability of your fly when it starts to drown and look bedraggled.

Powdering the fly is simple, just hold the fly in the generous opening of the container, put the lid on and shake a little. This will cause the powder to settle around the fly's materials and it will be fully ready for use again and highly buoyant. Powder floatants may fade the colors on they fly, especially dubbed bodies, so one can also choose to revitalize the colors by adding Gel Floatant, Liquid Spray Floatant or Liquid Floatant after the powder. 

The floatant is delivered in a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bottle with a flip top cap allowing the fly fisher minimum distraction when applying. The wide opening allows even the largest bugs to be dropped into the container. All desiccants have a shelf life; therefore, the product includes a pressure sealed lid to prevent moisture from being absorbed into the desiccant prior to purchase. There are orange indicator crystals in the bottle. These crystals will turn green when the desiccant component has absorbed its maximum moisture and will no longer dry your flies.


  • Float preparation from High-N-Dry Fishing Products
  • Powder adds buoyancy to the fly fibers while desiccant absorbs and removes moisture.
  • High floating properties.
  • Lid attached with tab.
  • Strong price-performance ratio.
  • Content: 30 g in 2,5 oz container.
  • Contains no organic solvents, is 100% solids, and is environmentally friendly.

Guideline High-N-Dry Powdered Floatant

VAT Included
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