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Based on the technology from the World Record holding CND F-1 and F-0.7 competition rods, we challenged Nobuo and our team to design the ultimate next generation spey rod for the angler. The Gravity rods are faster and lighter than our previous series, but you will still recognise the unique deep CND feeling. The genius idea from Nobuo to use his thin mandrel taper combined with new materials is a work of a mastermind. The balance of a rod flexing and working well into the lower part, combined with an exceptional recovery, will create the line speeds you have only been dreaming of. With a special Nano pitch technology we have managed make layers of carbon thinner than ever before, which allowed us to add more layers with the BIAS VERSA technology. This gives you a rod that is extremely light and powerful, it is like you feel it opens up a new world.All models have dark green blanks, black ALPS reel seats and flor grade cork quality handles. The only exception is the CND Gravity 15’6 Classic, with its deep maroon brown finish. The 15`6 is something unique and is built on a different mandrel than the rest of the series. We wanted to give it a retro look back to the old classic series, even though the action of the rod is completely different from the old Classic.


This is a rod that covers something we feel we have missed earlier. A 15` rod for lighter lines. The rod quickly became a favourite for us during the test period, and everyone who has tested it have been amazed. Geir Hansen who has worked with the development of the new series has stated that this his favourite. If you want to fish lines that are typical for a 14` rod, but with the capacity to provide even longer casts, well this is the rod for you. The rod is really light, well balanced with extreme recovery. If you manage to include your underarm with this rod, the magic will happen.


Recommended line tips:

NextCast SalarFinder 40 9/10 (2d) + 10-12″ 5-7gr tip

NextCast SalarFinder 45 9/10 (2d) + 10-12″ 5-7gr tip

NextCast SalarFinder 40 9/10 (3d) single + (No tip needed)

NextCast SalarFinder 45 9/10 (3d) single + (No tip needed)

NextCast Zone 550 (500 – 550) + 10-15″ tip

CND Gravity 15' #9/10 Fly Rod

VAT Included
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