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The Newest CND Gravity Rods are premium Scandi rods (European rated rods). Unlike traditional Scandi rod, CND Gravity accesses lower section of rod for easy smooth delivery.


An extremely light switch rod made for fishing in those tight situations. Imagine the days you want to fish a light double hander where you never have to use any force. This is a short rod that will definitely surprise you. The rod is made for the smaller rivers, and is perfect with a multi-tip shooting head system.


If you want a short, fast rod that packs an extreme punch, this is the rod for you. An amazing piece of gear that handles even sinking lines very well. Perfect for big fish in tight locations. Short strokes, long casts, zero force.


Recommended line tips:

NextCast Zone 425 (400-500) + 10-12″ 5-7gr tip 

CND Gravity 12'2" #8/9 Switch Fly Rod 4pc

VAT Included
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