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13'3"  #8/9  6-pcs


Recommended Scandi head from 33 gram+ 


Recommended Skagit head from 500 grains+


The more people we meet around the globe the more we see that the perfect line weight for a specific rod is very individual, but we also see cultural differences. For example, in general our Swedish and Danish customers prefer lighter lines. Our Norwegian and Finish customer prefer in general heavier lines then the Swedes and Danes. This is a generalization so it’s not the truth in every case.


Most of us in nám are those typical boring Swedes whom prefer those light lines as noted above. So written on the blank is the typical Swedish light line weight and then we added a plus sign after the gram weight. The plus sign is there to explain that we see it as from this light weight and up, so it’s absolutely okey to add on how much more weight that you prefer. We think our rods can handle much heavier lines then noted on the blank. These rods are designed to be working tools for your most effective fishing session, even if we think that the raw look is also beautiful to look at! So, what line weight is the best line weight on our rods!? we don’t know…


Noted on all nám blanks is line weight in grams and in the original AFTM system. 


There is something very special about the kind of cork we use. In the cork industry they call it “Delgado” which strictly translated means thin or slender. These thin barked trees are not as common as the thick bark trees making it very rare and highly sought after.  Since the cork bark is natural thinner and denser it has many advantages over the thicker cork bark.

Advantages with Delgado:

  • Firstly, the pores are much smaller so there is almost no need for filler at all.
  • No need for rubber-cork endings making the handle even lighter and still very durable.
  • Since the “Delgado” trees are slower growth, the density of the cork material itself is slightly higher resulting in increased transmission of vibration between the blank and the cork, giving you better direct contact with the rod.

It’s green with Delgado Cork: 

It regenerates every 9 years, so it is completely renewable. The best part is that not only is it renewable, but harvesting the cork bark is actually beneficial to the tree itself in terms of lifespan because if left unharvest the cork bark can grow too thick and choke the tree resulting in premature death. Harvesting the cork don’t just allow the tree to live longer, stripping the bark also increases the amount of CO2 it can absorb from the air. So, it’s truly a win-win for the environment. 

As to the Glue we use, it has no solvents or harsh chemicals in it and is also 100% Eco-Friendly. 

NAM Original 89133-6

SKU: 10118
VAT Included
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